A few updates!

Right, where to begin? Suppose I should start with the most recent news!

I was informed that there is a website looking to hire writers. It would be for the summer to write about the f1. Now this is my two greatest joys in the world joined together. I couldn’t ask for a better summer job! So I’m going to receive an email later about the job; here’s hoping I can beat the competition!

However, I still have two weeks left of uni! Got a hard week in front of me, but I’m hoping that I can get everything done on time, and not let my grades suffer. Two deadlines this week, with three presentations next week, along with more deadlines. 

I’d also like to mention over the past few days people have really astonished me. I thought I had everyone figured out, but I could not have been more wrong. Over a short period of time I have noticed several people change rapidly in incredibly unexpected ways. However, this has also been countered by people who shine through their masks and barriers when the need arises. People who I thought to have lost what made them special returning back to themselves when the occasion arises. It brings a refreshing change!

A great friend of mine sent me a letter to help with everything that has been going on in my life lately, and she really inspired me. It’s wonderful to see the emotion and care she took to help me see things from a different perspective, and I’d like to thank her so much for doing so!

Alas, I’d love to stay and chat all day, but I have to get back to uni work. Until next time folks!